Alice is the mother of Hank, the mother-in-law of Mary-Ann, and the grandmother of Julian, Ashley, and Sadie. She later becomes the great-grandmother of Mark Wilson.


Before the outbreak, she lived on her family's farm with Hank, Mary-Ann, and Julian. When the outbreak occurred, Ashley and Sadie were down visiting from North Carolina.


Part 4Edit

When the outbreak occurred, Hank drove Mary-Ann and Julian to Barry's Fishin' Shack in order to get Barry to open his gun safe. After returning with Barry and the guns, they found that the farm was under attack. When Hank broke down the front door, he found that two wolves were mauling Alice. After killing them with a silver candlestick, Hank was forced to euthanize Alice.

Killed ByEdit

When the farm was overrun, two wolves got in and mauled Alice.

  • Hank (mercy kill)

Upon seeing Alice mauled and in pain, Hank euthanized his mother.


  • Alice was the first character to die in Part 4
    • She was also the first member of Hank's family to die
  • She is the only known character to become a great-grandparent during the events of the book.

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