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Brian Masters is a guard from Wilson Tower who works for Alex Schroder, but later allies himself with Ian Picardson. He is shown to be very loyal.


Nothing is known about Brian before the outbreak. It is quite likely that he knew Alex.


Part 2Edit

After the outbreak, Brian was at Wilson Tower, working as a guard for Alex. After Ian murdered Paul, Alex blackmailed the old man into looking for Sophie, Alex's sister, as well as making a supply run.

Brian was assigned to make sure that Ian did his job, but found Ian to be an honest man. The two agreed to trust each other, so long as neither one attack the other. Arriving at Alex's old house, Greg held a gun to Ian's head to protect his girlfriend. Sophie then told them that Alex had changed for the worse, and that she narrowly escaped with Greg's help. Brian and Ian let her go, and continued on to the supply run.

In the grocery store, their target, a wolf arrived, causing Brian and Ian to hide on the roof. Ian saved Brian from the wolf, cementing their friendship. Back at Wilson Tower, Ian lied and said that Sophie was dead, but he accidentally slipped up, causing Alex to shoot him in anger. Ian was then taken to the infirmary to be tortured for the information.

Shortly after Alex began torturing Ian, Ryan blew a hole in the wall, allowing wolves to pour in. Alex left Ian in the infirmary before taking a bullet to the side and flying away with Sam and his personal pilot. Brian came to the infirmary, rescued Ian, and drove the two of them away to Rally Point Zulu, where they were welcomed by Jason. There they stayed for several days, until Brian heard Alex mention over the radio that Rally Point Zulu had already been overrun.

Jason and the other people staying there were revealed to be wolves in disguise, and attacked Ian and Brian. The two tried to escape, and Brian tripped, breaking his leg. Ian grabbed his hand to help him up, but several wolves bit into Brian, causing the hand to detach. Ian fell to his knees, staring at the hand in horror while wolves devoured Brian's body.

Killed ByEdit

  • Wolves
  • Jason (directly caused)

While trying to escape, Brian fell, broke his leg, and was devoured by wolves.

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