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Brian Small is the main protagonist of The Southpaw. As a child, he is naive and is easily persuaded, but is loyal to his friends and family. As he grows to have a family, he becomes a responsible adult with an understanding of both sides of the central conflict.


Before the outbreak, Brian lived with his parents, Jack and Helen Small, in Oregon. Two years prior to the events of the book, Helen was killed in a car accident.


Part 1Edit

After Jack infected almost the entire population of his hometown, Brian hid in the back of a local bookstore. He was soon found by Jack, who was still sane enough to recognize his son, and was taken to a grocery store on the edge of town. There, he met Jeff, Kelly, Shahbaz, and Rhonda, who accepted him into their group.


  • Kelly Leonard (indirectly caused)
  • Pvt. Mulroney (accidentally, infected, indirectly caused)
  • Janet Morgan (indirectly caused)
  • Jeff (indirectly caused)
  • Mary-Ann Wilson (indirectly caused)
  • Ashley Wilson (indirectly caused)
  • Will (indirectly caused)
  • Duncan Shepherd (indirectly caused)
  • The Omega


  • Brian is afraid of heights, as confirmed by Jack and proven at the end of Part 1.
  • By the end of the story, he is the only living male member of his family.
  • He is the only human to kill an Alpha.
  • He is the only main protagonist to survive the events of the book.