Female Test Subject is an unnamed member of The Pack. She volunteered to test The Machine.


Nothing is known about the test subject before the outbreak.


Part 1Edit

Sometime after the outbreak, she was infected and became a member of The Pack. She volunteered, along with another test subject, to test The Machine in an attempt to enhance their powers. However, the test failed horrifically. The Machine shorted out and sent jolts of electricity through both test subjects, and the female test subject was disconnected and escorted to the infirmary. The male test subject was not so lucky, and a fire sparked inside his body, cooking him from the inside out. After the male test subject's death, Jack simply pushed the corpse out the window, and it landed many stories down.

Mark told Jack that the female test subject would probably die without help, so a scouting party was sent out to find someone who could help her.They found a man alone in a church, and brought him to the tower. With Mark's help, he attempted to repair her internal injuries, but she started to bleed out of control, and died soon after.

Killed ByEdit

Jack ordered Mark to test The Machine on the two test subjects, but it malfunctioned, giving the female test subject an irregular heartbeat. When the unnamed man attempted to repair this via surgery, she started bleeding profusely and died of blood loss.

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