Hank is the main character of Part 4. He is a family-oriented Southern farmer. He is the husband of Mary-Ann, the father of Julian, the son of Alice, and the uncle of Ashley and Sadie. He is also Barry's best friend. Later, he becomes Mark's grandfather.


Before the outbreak, Hank lived with Alice, Mary-Ann, and Julian, and worked as a farmer. A few days earlier, Ashley and Sadie were visiting from Oklahoma.


Part 4Edit

When Hank heard of an outbreak, he took Mary-Ann and Julian to get Barry. Once he arrived at Barry's Fishin' Shack, Hank convinced Barry to join them, and he also took the guns from Barry's safe.

Once Hank and the others returned, they found that wolves had managed to get to the farm. Kicking down the door, Hank found two of them mauling Alice. He tried to shoot them, but his gun jammed, so he killed them with a silver candlestick. Seeing no other alternative, Hank was forced to shoot Alice out of mercy.

After further searching the house, he found Ashley and Sadie, who told him that Alice locked them in the bathroom in order to save their lives. Hank later buried Alice in the backyard. Julian, after losing his grandmother (with whom he was close), begged Hank to find Veronica, Julian's best friend. Hank initially refused, claiming that it was too dangerous, but Barry managed to convince him otherwise.

The two men soon drove to Veronica's house, but to no avail. On the return trip, however, they found her walking along a road out of town. Barry told her that Julian wanted to see her, and Veronica agreed to come to the farm.

Victims Edit

  • Alice (out of mercy)
  • Chad
  • Matt (transformed)
  • Himself (directly caused)

Killed ByEdit

  • Wolves
  • Julian (indirectly caused)
  • Himself (directly caused)

When Hank's group was boarding the truck, the wolves continued to ram the barricade. Julian's inhaler was knocked out of his hand, and he went to retrieve it just as the wolves broke through. Hank grabbed him after picking up the inhaler, throwing Julian onto the back of the truck. He then tried to board as well, but was pulled to the ground and killed.


  • Hank is the last character to die in Part 4

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