Ian is the protagonist of Part 2. He is a family-oriented man who is physically strong for his age. He is the father of Nick, the father-in-law of Lauren, and the grandfather of Sam.


Before the events of the novel, Ian lived alone in an apartment, which had flooded just prior to Part 2. Years earlier, Ian had killed an unnamed man in self-defense, and was not convicted. He was married for decades, had a son, and eventually became a father-in-law, a grandfather, and a widower.


Part 2Edit

After Nick unintentionally gave him a heart attack, Ian spent just over a month in a hospital. Nick was driving Ian to a police station in Hemet, along with Lauren and Sam, when they came across a man who was badly injured. Ian tried to use a nearby pay phone to call for help, but was tackled by a wolf. After breaking its neck, Ian attempted to save Nick from the wounded man, who was transformed into a wolf, while Lauren fled with Sam. Ian killed the wolf but was unable to save his son, who died from his wounds. Ian soon came across Ryan and his bitten friend John. After helping Ryan amputate John's leg, Ian set out with them and arrived at Wilson Tower. He went in alone after a guard killed John and Ryan left. There he found Sam, but killed Paul when he found out that Paul accidentally killed Lauren.

Part 5Edit

When Sam was alone with Will, he briefly mentioned Ian and Nick.


  • Unnamed man (self-defense, pre-infection)
  • Paul Ashlar

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