Jack is one of two main characters for Part 1 (he also counts as an antagonist for the survivors). He is the father of Brian and husband of Helen. Later, he becomes the grandfather of Charlie and Amanda. He was the first person infected with the virus, making him the Alpha and the leader of The Pack.


Before the events of the novel, Jack lived with Helen and Brian in Oregon, and worked as a major-league baseball pitcher for several years. Two years prior to the story, his wife perished in a car collision.


Part 1Edit

After Jack was infected by Larry, he continued to spread the virus to the majority of Oregon. The next night, he came across Brian hiding in a bookstore, and, still retaining some humanity and memory, brought him to a local grocery store. After doing so, Jack set off with The Pack and created a plan to convert Willis Tower in Chicago into a device of sorts.


Killed By Edit

  • The Omega

After the Omega caused an attack against the safe-zone, Jack tried to fight back but was overpowered by the Omega, who clawed open his side and watched him bleed out.

Trivia Edit

  • Jack is the first Alpha, and is also the first Alpha to be killed.

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