Joe is the grandson of Patricia and Frank, as well as the brother of Hutch. He is a naive teenager who sometimes gets himself into trouble, though he doesn't mean to.


Not much is known about Joe before the outbreak. It can be assumed that he lived with his parents and brother and attended high school.


Part 3Edit

Sometime after the outbreak, Joe and his family made it to Shady Acres Retirement Home to find Patricia and Frank. However, both of Joe's parents died at some point. Afterwards, Joe stayed at the retirement home.

When Duncan's group encountered the survivors at the nursing home, Patricia welcomed them with open arms. She also asked them to go on a mission with Joe and Beth to find Joe's brother Hutch, who had disappeared during a scavenging run. Duncan agreed, promising to bring Joe and Beth back safe.

While on the mission, the group managed to find Hutch hiding in a store. Soon after, however, Kevin saw that Joe's gun was jammed, prompting him to try and unjam with it. Joe refused Kevin's assistance, but Kevin persisted and tried to grab the gun. This brief scuffle had an unfortunate consequence: Kevin managed to get the gun unjammed, but it fired and shot Joe just below the eye, killing him almost immediately.

Killed ByEdit

  • Kevin (accidentally)

Joe's gun jammed, and when Kevin tried to take it to unjam it, it fired and Joe was shot in the head.


  • Joe is somewhat similar to Edgar, as both were teenagers, and both were shot in the head.

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