John is the best friend of Ryan Elision. He is a strong person and a born survivor.


Before the infection, John worked at a Costco, and was fired shortly before the infection. He was also Ryan's best friend.


Part 2Edit

After the infection, John travelled with Ryan, and the two holed up in an abandoned house. He was bitten in the leg by a werewolf, forcing Ryan to amputate. Ian heard the commotion and stopped to help Ryan save John. Soon after, all three set out on the road and found Wilson. Upon arrival, a guard inquired about John's injury. When he learned that it was a bite, he shot John in the head. Ryan was deeply damaged by John's death.

Killed ByEdit

Two wolves bit John on the leg, and though it was amputated, it still caused the guard to kill John.

  • Wilson Tower guard

Upon arrival at Wilson Tower, a guard saw that John was bitten and shot him in the head.


  • John is the first character to have a limb amputated
  • He is the first human to be directly and purposely killed by another human

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