Jose is the leader of a gang in New York. In Part 3, Duncan came across Jose's gang.


Nothing is known about Jose before the infection. It is possible that he knew Ricardo and/or the other members of his gang.


Part 3Edit

After the infection, Jose became the leader of a gang in New York. He made Ricardo his second-in-command in said gang, and survived with the others for weeks. Eventually, Duncan and his group came across Jose's gang, and Jose became territorial. He took both Rosie and Claire hostage, demanding that Duncan hand over all of the group's supplies. Duncan refused, so Jose snapped Rosie's neck while Ricardo shot Claire in the back of the head. After Jose killed Rosie, Duncan shot and killed him while Stan did the same to Ricardo.

Killed ByEdit

  • Duncan

After Jose snapped Rosie's neck, Duncan shot and killed him.


  • Rosie
  • Claire (directly caused)
  • Possibly several unseen people


  • Jose is the first uninfected person to kill a member of Duncan's group.
  • Jose's gang is the first group that Duncan's group met.
  • He possibly had sexual relations with Rosie, given his suggestive treatment of her during the negotiation, and given her running makeup and reaction to his treatment.

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