Julian is the son of Hank and Mary-Ann. He is also the cousin of Ashley and Sadie and the grandson of Alice. Later, he becomes Mark's father and Maggie's husband. He suffers from asthma attacks, and as such requires inhalers in order to keep breathing.


Before the outbreak, Julian lived on his family's farm with Hank, Mary-Ann and Alice. When the outbreak occurred, Ashley and Sadie were down visiting from North Carolina.


Part 4Edit

When the outbreak began, Hank took Mary-Ann to Barry's Fishin' Shack to get Barry to open the gun safe. After coming back with Barry and the guns, they found that the farm had been attacked, and wolves were mauling Alice. After Hank killed the wolves with a silver candlestick, Julian watched as his father euthanized Alice.

Victims Edit

  • Hank (indirectly caused)
  • Several members of The Pack
  • Possibly several unnamed people


  • Julian is the only known character who suffers from asthma attacks.
  • He and Sadie are the only known members of Hank's family to survive the events of the book.
  • He is also the last named character to become infected.

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