Kevin Hunter is the brother of Nate Hunter. He is shown to be stubborn, and often acts without thinking.

Pre-Infection Edit

Not much is known about Kevin before the outbreak. He was Nate's brother, and possibly lived in Maryland as well.

Post-Infection Edit

Part 1 Edit

Kevin was indirectly referred to by Mark while the latter was recounting the atrocities he had witnessed.

Part 3 Edit

Sometime after the outbreak, Kevin managed to reach a police station in New Jersey. Kevin was first encountered when Duncan and his group reached the New Jersey police station. Kevin was already residing there, and was elated to see that his brother survived.

Two months later, the police station was overrun by wolves, and Nate was killed while the rest of the group (including Kevin) managed to escape. Kevin was distraught over his brother's death, and believed that it was caused by his own inaction. When the group encounterd Patricia and the others at the nursing home, Patricia sent Duncan, Stan, Kevin, and two people from her own group (Joe and Beth) to find a missing person.

The group eventually found the missing person, but Joe discovered that his pistol had jammed. Kevin insisted that he could unjam it, and so tried to grab the gun from Joe's hand. Joe, conversely, refused Kevin's assistance. Kevin, determined to take action to avoid a tragedy similar to his brother's demise, continued to struggle with Joe. Kevin did manage to unjam the gun, though instead it misfired, firing into Joe's head just below the eye, killing him almost immediately.

Victims Edit

  • Possibly several members of The Pack
  • Joe (accidental)
  • Possibly several unnamed people (transformed)

Trivia Edit

  • Kevin and Nate are the only pair of brothers in Duncan's group.
  • He is the only member of Duncan's group to be infected but not killed.

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