Larry the Dog is the pet of Danny's family.


Before the outbreak, Larry lived with Danny's family as their pet.


Part 1Edit

On the night of the outbreak, Larry was sleeping next to Danny, who was watching reruns of King of the Hill. Larry sensed an enemy at the back door, then started to growl and bristle. While Danny went upstairs to fetch his parents, Larry was attacked and infected by an unknown person (later revealed to be Andy Melchars). Danny returned downstairs, saw Larry's injuries, and woke up his parents. When Danny and his parents came downstairs, Larry was already gone.

Larry intercepted Jack after the latter's celebration party, biting and infecting him. Larry fled and was never seen again, leaving his status unknown.


  • All victims of the outbreak (indirectly caused)


  • Larry is the only natural dog encountered in the story
    • He is also the only animal to become infected

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