The Machine-infected man is a character encountered in Part 1.


Almost nothing is known about the man before the outbreak, except that he lived presumably in Chicago.


Part 1Edit

After the infection, the man, along with his wife, brother, best friend, and father, escaped to a church. However, everyone except the man became infected. Left with no alternative, the man was forced to kill all four of them. Later, when a scouting party led by Wolfgang and Rico checked the church, they found him weeping in the center aisle, covered with blood. They escorted him to Willis Tower to help save a wolf who had severe internal injuries caused by The Machine. With Mark's help, he attempted to repair her internal injuries, but she started to bleed out of control, and died soon after. Since her was unable to save her, Jack decided to augment him with The Machine. When the man got word of this, he tried to flee but was caught by Jack, who went into a sort of feral state, during which he mistook Mark for a rival predator and scratched him across the cheek. Once Jack returned to his normal state, Mark argued from the man's life, but was threatened into submission. Mark was then forced to take the man to The Machine.

He was hooked up to The Machine, and was injected with a large amount of Jack's blood. This infected him, of course, and made him a stronger version of the normal wolf. However, his memory was not wiped, so he continued to cry. Mark took pity on him, and escorted his new packmate to the infirmary. Mark tried to console him, but to no avail.

Soon after Mark left, the Machine-infected man took some IV tubes to the roof. Mark arrived just in time to see him hang himself from the top of the tower, using the IV tubes as a nuce. Jack arrived and asked Mark if he could be saved. Mark replied by saying that, because he was infected with the Machine, it would take longer for him to die, but he would die regardless.

Killed ByEdit

  • Jack Small (indirectly caused)
  • Mark (indirectly caused)
  • Himself (suicide)

Depressed, the Machine-infected man hung himself from the top of Willis Tower.


  • His wife (before transformation)
  • His brother (before transformation)
  • His best friend (before transformation)
  • His father (before transformation)


  • The Machine-infected man is the only character to be fully infected by the Machine
  • He is the only wolf to kill himself

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