Mark (The Beta) was the second person infected by the virus, making him second-in-command to Jack. Later on in the story, he grows to pity the humans, even going so far as to assist them.


Not much is known about Mark before the outbreak. He was attending a high school party the night the outbreak occurred, and it can be assumed that he attended high school somewhere in Oregon. He was also a junior in high school, and had an older sister named Heather.


While washing his hands in the bathroom, Mark was tripped and infected by Jack. The two then began infecting random people, eventually claiming every person at the party.

Killed ByEdit

  • Jack

While the two of them were fighting, Jack managed to blind Mark, eviscerate him, and throw him off the roof of a building.


  • Walt
  • Heather (accidental)
  • Henry Melchars
  • Many unnamed people (infected, indirectly caused deaths)


  • Mark is the first wolf shown to have any concern for family members. He doesn't intend to kill his sister, instead he wants to protect her by bringing her into the Pack.
  • Mark is the first wolf to directly challenge his Alpha.