Nate Hunter is the co-worker of Duncan, Stan, Pedro, Rosie, Claire, Madeline, Janet, Michael, and Kathy. He is also the brother of Kevin Hunter.


Not much is known about Nate before the infection. He lived in Maryland and got a job at Fletcher-Greene.


Part 3Edit

When Kathy was bitten and Michael locked her in the supply room, the group was divided into those who argued for her to live and those who wanted to kill her. Nate argued the latter, saying that she was a threat to the group and had to be killed. Kathy, now transformed, burst out of the supply closet and killed Michael, prompting Stan to decapitate her with a silver kitchen knife. Michael and Kathy were buried outside, and the group left the office building.

Duncan's group later encountered Jose's gang, Rosie and Claire were taken hostage, and Jose demanded that Duncan hand over all of his group's supplies. Duncan refused, and the two hostages were executed. Jose and his right-hand-man Ricardo were killed by Duncan and Stan, respectively, and a firefight broke out between the two groups. Nate was shot in the leg during the skirmish, but Duncan's group managed to prevail thanks to some firearms they acquired from an overturned military truck.

Later, Duncan's group arrived at the local police station, finding that Nate's brother Kevin was staying there. Duncan decided that his group's best chance was to stay there, since there were a few police officers with actual firearms training.

When the police station was overrun two months later, Duncan's group, including Kevin, managed to escape, with the exception of Nate, who was jumped on and bitten repeatedly.

Killed ByEdit

When the police station is overrun, Nate is tackled and bitten repeatedly by several wolves, causing the group to leave without him.


  • Nate and Kevin are the only pair of brothers in Duncan's group

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