Nick is the son of Ian, the husband of Lauren, and the father of Sam. He tries to do right by his family, though he isn't always successful.


Not much is known about Nick's life before the infection. He married Lauren and had a child, Sam, with her. After Ian's apartment flooded, Nick invited him to stay with him and his family. However, he accidentally gave his father a heart attack by suggesting that Ian move to a retirement home.


Part 2Edit

After Ian and his family left the hospital, Nick decided to take them to the police station, where it was said to be safe. Along the way, he accidentally hit an unnamed man. However, the man was infected and transformed, attacking and mortally wounding Nick. Ian killed the man, and Nick's last request was that Ian protect Lauren and Sam.

Part 5Edit

When Sam was alone with Will, he briefly mentioned Nick and Ian.

Killed ByEdit

After stopping to help the wounded man, the man transformed and attacked Nick, mortally wounding him.


  • Nick is the first member of Ian's family to die
    • He is also the first named character to die in Part 2

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