Part 1 focuses on Brian and Jack, a father and son on opposing sides of the ordeal. While Jack infects much of America with the virus, Brian teams up with several other survivors in an effort to survive the ensuing events.


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Cast of CharactersEdit

Died in Part 1Edit

  • Ray
  • A drunk batter
  • Helen Small (mentioned)
  • Mr. Hannil
  • Mrs. Hannil
  • Barry (unidentified corpse shown)
  • Gloria Slader
  • Ted Slader
  • Tim
  • Edgar
  • Two wolf test subjects
  • Peter Lenson
  • Andy Melchars
  • Jason (mentioned)
  • Machine-infected Man
  • Rico
  • Mark (The Beta)
  • Most of The Pack
  • Kelly Leonard

Infected and Unknown in Part 1Edit

  • Larry the Dog
  • Wolfgang


  • This is the only part wherein any character is infected by The Machine.
  • This part introduces more characters into the story than any other part.

Succeeded By:

Part 2

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