Part 2 concerns Ian, a man who tries to reconnect with his grandson Sam while trying to survive by himself. Along the way, he has to deal with a crazed CEO, a deceptive government worker, and a misguided priest.


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Cast of CharactersEdit

Died in Part 2Edit

  • Nick Picardson
  • Lauren Picardson
  • John Garbler
  • Paul Ashlar
  • An unnamed helicopter pilot
  • Brian Masters
  • Jason
  • Connie
  • Walter Stein
  • Edgar
  • Most of the Daybreak Colony survivors
  • Earl
  • Sarah
  • Ben
  • Scott
  • Sgt. Robert Avery
  • Alex Schroder
  • Ian Picardson

Infected and Unknown in Part 2Edit

  • Ryan Elision
  • Simon
  • David


  • This is the only part wherein a partially-infected person intentionally infects another character
  • This part has more deaths than any other part

Preceded By:                                                                     Succeeded By:

Part 1                                                                                      Part 3

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