Part 6 is the final part to The Southpaw, and begins twenty-eight years after the previous five. It follows the survivors through their attempts to continue life after the entire country was devastated.


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Cast of CharactersEdit

Died in Part 6Edit

  • Rhonda Salasbury (mentioned)
  • Puff (mentioned)
  • Pedro Astendo (mentioned)
  • Randy Sullivan
  • Wolfgang's Son
  • Cameron Lenhart
  • Madeline Shepherd
  • Ali
  • Jack Small
  • Wolfgang
  • Charlie Small
  • The Omega
  • Many unnamed survivors and members of The Pack

Infected and Unknown in Part 6Edit

  • Craig Fitzpatrick
  • Julian Wilson


  • This is the only part wherein multiple members of the Small family die.
    • In addition, this is the only part wherein multiple characters are named The Alpha

Preceded By:

Part 5

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