Part 1 Edit

Part 1 focuses on Brian and Jack Small, a father and son on opposing sides of the ordeal. After Jack infects most of Oregon with the virus, Brian teams up with several other survivors in an effort to survive the ensuing events.

Died in Part 1Edit

Infected and Unknown in Part 1Edit

Part 2 Edit

Part 2 concerns Ian Picardson, a man who tries to reconnect with his grandson Sam while trying to survive by himself. Along the way, he has to deal with a crazed CEO, a deceptive government worker, and a misguided priest.

Died in Part 2Edit

Infected and Unknown in Part 2Edit

  • Ryan Elision
  • Simon
  • David

Part 3 Edit

Part 3 chronicles the efforts of Duncan Shepherd, an office worker who strives to protect his co-workers, friends, and family. While doing so, he must also confront malicious gangs and learn who he can truly trust.

Died in Part 3Edit

Infected and Unknown in Part 3Edit

Part 4 Edit

Part 4 revolves around Hank Wilson, a married Southern man who tries to save his family from the dangers of his new reality. He meets many along the way, but ultimately realizes that when it comes to protecting the ones he loves, he is the best man for the job.

Died in Part 4Edit

Infected and Unknown in Part 4Edit

  • Nicole
  • Cecil
  • Matt
  • Alan
  • Cole

Part 5 Edit

In Part 5, all four groups meet at the Tennessee safe zone. However, not everyone will remain safe, as the wolf is always at the door.

Died in Part 5Edit

Infected and Unknown in Part 5Edit

Part 6 Edit

Part 6 takes place twenty-eight years after Part 5, and the remaining survivors struggle to start anew in their constant post-outbreak reality.

Died in Part 6Edit

Infected and Unknown in Part 6Edit

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