Patricia is the defacto leader of the survivors in Shady Acres Retirement Home. She is the wife of Frank and the grandmother of Joe and Hutch.


Before the infection, Patricia resided in Shady Acres Retirement Home with Frank.


Part 3Edit

When the outbreak occured, most of the staff fled (with the exceptions of Beth and Pearl) leaving Patricia to take up the role of leader. When Duncan's group came across them Patricia welcomed them and asked them to help her grandson Joe on a scavenging run.

After the group returned, Patricia noticed that Joe was missing, and asked about him. When she found out that they accidentally killed her grandson, Patricia demanded that they leave, then collapsed and cried.


  • Patricia is the oldest female character encountered in any part of the story.
  • She is the only female leader of a group.
    • She is also the oldest leader of a group

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