Craig Fitzpatrick is the president of the United States, and he helps Brian's group and Duncan's group reach the Tennessee safe zone, providing advice and survival tactics via radio.


Before the outbreak, Craig ran for, and was elected, president; he remained in office for almost a year. In addition, he had a wife, two daughters, and a son. Other than that, nothing is known.


Sometime after the outbreak, Craig's wife and children were killed by the wolves despite the efforts of their bodyguards.

Part 1Edit

After the outbreak, Craig was transported to the safe zone in Tennessee. He established radio contact with Brian's group, telling Kelly to avoid Chicago. He ordered Jeff not to evacuate the survivors due to Mark's request to go with them. He is also seen giving the order to initiate Operation Alpha (the firebombing of Chicago). The remaining members of Brian's group, including Jack, were later flown to Tennessee as well.

Part 3Edit

After establishing radio contact with Stan, Craig told the group of the safe zone, but he lost contact before Stan was able to ask if there were any forms of treatment.

Part 5Edit

At the beginning of Part 5, Craig is at the Tennessee safe zone, checking on the perimeter and conversing with Pvt. Colton Mulroney, on whom Craig has appeared to rely for information. Later, when Colton was was accidentally infected by Brian, Craig shot him in the head at point-blank range. However, some blood splattered into Craig's face, infecting him as well. Two scientists restrained him, and one asked the other what they should do. Craig managed to bite one of them, which in turn caused many of the survivors to either die or become infected. He is later seen biting Ali, infecting him.

Part 6 Edit

Twenty-eight years later, Craig remains a prominent member of The Pack, led by Wolfgang (his new Alpha).


  • Pvt. Colton Mulroney
  • One unnamed scientist (infected)
  • Jeff (indirectly caused)
  • Will (indirectly caused)
  • Janet Morgan (indirectly caused)
  • Ali (infected)
  • Mary-Ann Wilson (indirectly caused)
  • Ashley Wilson (indirectly caused)
  • Duncan Shepherd (indirectly caused)
  • Julian Wilson (infected)
  • Numerous unnamed people

Trivia Edit

  • Craig is the last character in the story to become the Alpha.
  • He is also the only character to be either present or mentioned in every part.
  • In addition, he is the only Alpha to not be directly or indirectly killed by the Omega.