Rico is the adoptive brother of Wolfgang, and the two make up The Pack's most effective scouting duo.


Not much is known about Rico before the infection, except that he was Wolfgang's adoptive brother. Both brothers were avid sports enthusiasts and players, and both often led a fitness class.


Part 1Edit

After the outbreak, wolves attacked Rico and Wolfgang in their home. Rico was bitten and transformed, and infected Wolfgang when the latter tried to pull him to safety. After the two united with the group led by Jack, they became his two most effective scouts. After the duo's encounter with Brian's group, Wolfgang and Rico came away burned and wounded, though Rico scratched and partially infected Abby. Later, after taking an uninfected man prisoner, Wolfgang began to realize the futility of Jack's efforts, and saw that global domination was next to impossible, but Rico advised him to keep it to himself.

On the day of the eclipse, Mark took Rico and Wolfgang aside to tell them about the firebombing. Wolfgang recognized that Mark had betrayed Jack. Wolfgang informed Rico of this betrayal, and the two brothers threatened to tell Jack. However, as Rico started to leave, Mark lashed out and slashed his throat.

Killed ByEdit

  • Mark

When Rico threatened to tell Jack of Mark's betrayal, Mark slashed his throat.


  • Wolfgang (infected)
  • Possibly numerous unnamed people


  • Rico bears a resemblance to both a gray wolf and a Chihuahua.
  • He is shown to be more aggressive than his brother, as Wolfgang is more of an intellectual.