Rosie is a co-worker of Duncan, and a receptionist at Fletcher-Greene. She is a fun-loving woman who tries to keep a light heart about the situation.


Not much is known about Rosie prior to the infection, except that she worked at Fletcher-Greene with Duncan and the rest of the group.


Part 3Edit

After the outbreak, Kathy became infected, and Rosie was among those who tried to convince him to kill her. After the deaths of Michael and Kathy, Rosie helped to bury them outside, and set off with the others. Later, when she reached New York with the rest of the group, they encountered Jose and his gang. Rosie and Claire were taken hostage when Jose became territorial. Jose and his group took Rosie and Claire back to their camp, where Rosie tried to reason with him- unsuccessfully. The next day, Jose demanded that Duncan hand over all of the group's supplies, and when Duncan refused, Jose snapped Rosie's neck.

Killed ByEdit

When Duncan did not comply to Jose's demands, Jose snapped Rosie's neck.


  • Jose possibly had sexual relations with Rosie, given his suggestive treatment of her during the negotiation, and given her running makeup and reaction to his treatment.

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