Shahbaz is a survivor of the outbreak, and is often seen as the leader of Brian's group. He is charismatic yet playful, somewhat narcissistic, and is prone to making speeches.

Pre-Infection Edit

Before the infection, Shahbaz went to medical school and also directed several films. He also got married and had a son. On the night of the outbreak, Shahbaz, along with his wife and son, was at an airport in Oregon for an unknown reason. In addition, Shahbaz knew Ali many years before the outbreak.

Post-Infection Edit

When the wolves reached the airport, Mark announced over the intercom that a certain plane was safe, and that the other ones were ambushes. Shahbaz saw through his deception and directed his family to a different plane (piloted by one of his friends). However, Shahbaz was forced to stay behind to guide the plane past the debris on the runway. Shortly after takeoff, however, the plane exploded, killing the pilot along with Shahbaz's family.

Sometime after this, Shahbaz managed to escape the airport and reach an unnamed grocery store, where he met Rhonda, Kelly, and Jeff. Later, Brian came to the store and was convinced to join the group.

Victims Edit

  • Ali (transformed)

Trivia Edit

  • Shahbaz is the only person to reach the Tennessee safe-zone alone.
  • He is the only (known) surviving member of the original supermarket group.

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