The Sladers' farmhouse was the home of Ted and Gloria Slader. Brian's group spends a short amount of time there as guests before discovering the Sladers' secret.

Part 1 Edit

The farmhouse was first encountered after Ted met Brian's group. The group was warmly welcomed inside, and were treated well; they were allowed to stay there for as long as they needed. Since the group's food supply had recently been contaminated, the Sladers offered their own food. That night, at dinner, Tim ventured upstairs only to find a secret trapdoor that led to the space inside the wall and down into the cellar. There he found many dismembered bodies, and realized that the Sladers are cannibals.

Ted went upstairs to investigate Tim's sudden disappearance, and shot him in the stomach, mortally wounding him. Everyone else came upstairs, which led to a tense standoff. Gloria attacked Jeff (who was pointing his gun at Ted) in an attempt to grab his gun. Ted attempted to shoot Jeff, but was knocked off balance by Tim. This caused Ted to miss his shot and shoot Gloria in the neck.

The gunfire had attracted several wolves from nearby, who were rapidly converging on the scene. Brian's group decided to head down through the secret trapdoor into the cellar, but Tim decided to stay behind and cover it up. He and Ted are then killed by the wolves. The group realized that the cellar door was locked and reinforced, leaving them trapped in the cellar.

Several hours later, a teenager named Edgar happened to come across the farmhouse and heard the sound of the group trying to escape, and managed to free them. Everyone then left the farmhouse, but not before burying Tim outside.

Inhabitants Edit

Deaths Edit

  • Barry
  • Tim
  • Gloria Slader
  • Ted Slader
  • Many unnamed people

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