Stan Park is a salesman at Fletcher-Greene. He is Duncan's best friend, and also Madeline's boyfriend (later husband). In Part 6, he has a son whom he names after his best friend.


Before the infection, Stan became Duncan's best friend. He also got a job at Fletcher-Greene. At some point, he began a relationship with Duncan's sister Madeline.


Part 3Edit

After the infection, Kathy was bitten, and Michael locked her in a supply closet. However, Kathy transformed, broke out, and killed him, so Stan decapitated her with several chops with a silver knife from the kitchen. The group then decided to set out in search of a safer location.

On the road, they came across an overturned military vehicle containing several assault weapons and a small amount of ammo. Each member took a weapon, with Stan choosing a sniper rifle.

Later, when Duncan's group came across Jose and his gang, Rosie and Claire were taken hostage. Stan snuck away to a rooftop to gain a vantage point on the situation. Jose demanded that Duncan hand over all of the group's supplies. When Duncan refused, Rosie and Claire were executed. In retaliation, Duncan shot Jose and Stan shot Jose's second-in-command, Ricardo.

This event led Duncan to believe that he should cease to be the leader of his group. Thus, Stan took up the position and Duncan fell to second-in-command.


  • Kathy (transformed)
  • Ricardo
  • Joe (accidental, directly caused)
  • Several members of The Pack
  • Madeline Shepherd (out of mercy)

Trivia Edit

  • He is the last of three characters to kill their spouse. The other two are Kathy Sanders and Matt.
    • He is the only one to do so without being infected.

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