This supermarket was used as a base for Brian's original group.

Part 1 Edit

The supermarket is first encountered after a lucid Jack brings Brian there after the initial outbreak. Upon entering, Brian met the group of people residing there. This group consisted of Jeff, Shahbaz, Kelly, and Rhonda. Brian decided to stay with this new group, and they reside in the supermarket for another three months.

One day, the group was in the supermarket when a man ran from the surrounding area, begging to be let in. The man introduced himself as Andy Melchars, a friend of Shahbaz's. Before the group could get acquainted with Andy, two wolves who had been chasing him reached the front doors of the supermarket and started trying to break through the glass.

The group packed up their things, ran into the neighboring parking garage, and boarded Shahbaz's semi truck. The supermarket is not seen again.

Inhabitants Edit

Deaths Edit

  • None

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