Sweet Dreams Suites is a hotel that served as a holding area for Brian's group after they were captured by the wolves. It is adjacent to Willis Tower.

Part 1 Edit

Following the deaths of Peter and Andy, Brian's group was led to Sweet Dreams Suites, where they were to be held until the eclipse. While they were being held prisoner there, Mark approached them in secret and proposed that they escape Chicago via helicopter before the eclipse. He asked them for help in killing Jack, so that Mark could be the Alpha. After the survivors informed Mark of the firebombing, Mark instead asked that the survivors take him with them.

Mark's plan is sabotaged by Jack himself, although Jeff manages to escape. This results in Jack breaking Ali's legs in anger. Jack threatens Mark for his insubordination, and the survivors are escorted out of the hotel and over to Willis Tower.

Inhabitants Edit

Deaths Edit

  • None

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