The Machine is a contraption built by Jack, Mark, and the rest of The Pack. Its primary purpose is to infect humans to create enhanced werewolves in order to ensure world domination.

Its only appearance is during Part 1, when it is used to "augment" several characters, to varying degrees of success. The first two test subjects were killed by The Machine the first time it was tested, which led the wolves to alter it so that it could be safely used. Mark then points out that it would be best to use uninfected people to undergo the changes. Later, a scouting party, including Wolfgang and Rico, found a survivor and brought him to The Machine. This man was successfully transformed by The Machine, but his conscience was still intact, and thus his memories were not wiped like the others. Although this test subject later killed himself, Jack considered the Machine to be fully functional and ready for use.

On the night of the eclipse, Brian and Kelly were to be subjected to The Machine. However, Mark made sure to avoid infecting Brian. As the other members of the group were forced to watch, Kelly was subjected to The Machine, but was unaffected and discovered to be immune. Following this discovery, Kelly took a grenade (given to her by Jeff) and exploded the control panel, destroying The Machine.

Killed VictimsEdit

People Infected By The MachineEdit

  • An unnamed survivor