The Omega, as he is informally referred to, is one of Wolfgang's top bodyguards and confidants, and is a prominent member of The Pack. He is shown to be deceptive, scheming, and excessively ambitious.

Post-Infection Edit

Part 6 Edit

The Omega is first encountered in Part 6, introduced when Brian and Randy visit the wolves' camp to discuss growing hunting concerns with Wolfgang. He stands guard next to Wolfgang, but is quickly asked to wait outside during the conversation. As Brian and Randy are leaving, the Omega carefully sniffs both of them, and is met with a confused remark from Wolfgang. It is soon revealed that the Omega wants to become the Alpha, despite the fact that Wolfgang's son is automatically next in line.

Later that night, the wolf sneaks away and follows the humans' scent trail back to their camp. He waits just outside the walls, and eventually manages to sneak in by digging a hole under the wall. He ventures to the housing areas and spots Randy and an unnamed teenager outside a makeshift house. Randy is engaged in an argument with her, pulling up his pants and implying that they had recently had sex. She closes and bars the door, leaving him outside. Taking the opportunity, the Omega emerges from the shadows and attacks Randy, biting out his neck so as to prevent him from screaming. He then quickly escapes through the same way he had entered.

Back at the wolves' camp, the Omega approaches Wolfgang's son and tells him that he has a secret stash of food, hidden from the others. He offers to split it between the two of them, and Wolfgang's son (being tired and somewhat groggy) agrees. Once he leads Wolfgang's son to the supposed hiding place, he chokes him and then bashes his head against the ground several times until his skull becomes shattered. The Omega leaves the body and returns to the sleeping area, unnoticed by anyone.

Victims Edit

  • Randy Sullivan
  • Wolfgang's Son
  • Cameron Lenhart (indirectly caused)
  • Madeline Shepherd (indirectly caused)
  • Ali (indirectly caused)
  • Jack Small
  • Wolfgang
  • Charlie Small
  • Himself (indirectly caused)

Trivia Edit

  • The Omega has directly killed more named characters than any other character (a total of 5).
  • He is the only Alpha and major character whose name is unknown.
  • He is the last character to die in the story.

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