"The Pack" is the collective term for the infected in the story. It refers not only to groups, but individuals as well.




  • Rico- throat slashed by Mark
  • Mark (The Beta)- thrown out of the top-story window of Willis Tower by Jack
  • About four hundred members- presumably killed in the firebombing


  • Those infected by the disease have extreme reactions to silver, which causes their skin to practically melt
  • While all members are mutated to resemble the gray wolf, individual members are seen to also resemble canines from their countries of origin.
  • The disease seems to take varying amounts of time to infect a host. Jack transformed in a matter of seconds, while Kathy took a few minutes to fully transform.
  • Members of The Pack are able to transform at will, to any degree. For instance, Matt and Jack both used this ability on separate occasions to trick their loved ones.
  • The concept of the Pack and the wolves is based on traditional werewolf lore, namely in the vulnerability to silver and in the shapeshifting. However, there are several major differences: namely, the wolves in The Southpaw are highly cognitive and deceptive, often using trickery to fool the uninfected; they can shapeshift at will, unlike traditional werewolves; and the full moon appears to have no effect on them, despite their belief that it enhances their powers.