"The Pack" is the collective term for the infected in the story. It refers not only to groups, but individuals as well.




  • Two unnamed test subjects- one burned alive, the other dead from a failed surgery
  • Andy Melchars- killed in an explosion caused by Peter
  • Machine-infected man- hung himself with IV tubes from the top of Willis Tower
  • Rico- throat slashed by Mark
  • Mark (The Beta)- thrown out of the top-story window of Willis Tower by Jack
  • About four hundred members- presumably killed in the firebombing
  • Jason- throat slit by Tim
  • Kathy Sanders- decapitated by Stan
  • Pvt. Mulroney- accidentally infected by Brian, executed by Craig
  • Wolfgang's Son- choked to death by the Omega
  • Ali- beaten to death by Shahbaz
  • Jack Small- bled out shortly after a fight with the Omega
  • Wolfgang- neck broken by the Omega
  • Charlie Small- fatally mauled by the Omega
  • The Omega- beaten and strangled to death by Brian
  • Many unnamed members- killed in the attack on the Safe-Zone


  • The disease made members of The Pack initially invulnerable to most forms of damage, but the effect wore off after four months.
    • They were always vulnerable to silver and silver-based weapons, but were later vulnerable to fire and electrocution, then finally to all forms of damage.
    • In addition, the virus causes extreme and immediate physical healing in hosts. Ian, for example, re-grew an entire arm after he was infected, and the arm remained in its restored condition after he was disinfected. However, wounds sustained after infection appear to heal at a normal rate.
  • While all members are mutated to resemble the gray wolf, individual members are seen to also resemble canines from their countries of origin.
  • The disease seems to take varying amounts of time to infect a host. Jack transformed in a matter of seconds, while Kathy took a few minutes to fully transform.
  • Members of The Pack are able to transform at will, to any degree. For instance, Jack temporarily took on the appeareance of a bearded man with a unibrow, while Adam retained his human appearance for almost a month. In addition, Jason was able to transform his hand into a paw, and then back.
  • The disease was originally thought to be viral. While possessing some characteristics to indicate this, it is later found to be some sort of mutagen that alters an organism's genetic structure. It is passed down genetically through the Y chromosome, meaning that it can be passed down only from father to son (as demonstrated in the case of Charlie and Amanda). This also explains why women take longer to be infected, as the disease has to adapt in order to affect the X chromosome.
  • The concept of the Pack and the wolves is based on traditional werewolf lore, namely in the vulnerability to silver and in the shapeshifting. However, there are several major differences: namely, the wolves in The Southpaw are highly cognitive and deceptive, often using trickery to fool the uninfected; they can shapeshift at will, unlike traditional werewolves; and the full moon appears to have no effect on them, despite their belief that it enhances their powers.

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