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About the Book

The Southpaw is an upcoming novel about a virus that sweeps across America and turns the infected into vicious wolves. It is divided into six parts, some of which intertwine at points. Part 1 focuses on two characters; Jack and Brian Small, a father and son, who are on opposing sides of the crisis. Part 2 centers on Ian Picardson, a grandfather who is struggling to reconnect with his grandson, whilst surviving by himself. Part 3 pertains to the efforts of Duncan Shepherd, an office worker who tries to protect his family, co-workers, and friends from the wolves as well as from his fellow humans. Part 4 concerns Hank Wilson, a Southern farmer who is trying to protect his family, and who will soon come to realize he will do anything to protect them. In Part 5, all four groups meet at a safe haven in Tennessee, but not everyone will remain unharmed. Part 6 concludes the story by following the survivors into their post-outbreak world.

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